[Revspace] Final sprint and todos for RevKids

Igor Nikolic nikolic.igor at gmail.com
Wed May 25 19:17:47 CEST 2016

tl;dr if you want to help out during revkids, read on and check out the
wiki for todos, otherwise, oktnxbai :)

Dear all,

Revkids in next Sunday from 13:00 till 17:00

The wiki is updated : https://revspace.nl/RevKids

If you are planning to come and help, *please* read the wiki pages and
update anyting that is workg or missing. Especially the preparations

A few of you asked me what you can do to help. See below:

Timelilne and tasks are as follows :

$someone goes to IKEA to process the shopping list

- $someone does final shopping for snacks and lunch sunday ( this can be
potentially done sunday morning )

In the afternoon / evening general preparations and cleanup. Due to family
obligations I am not available before 19:00, but feel free to start earlier!

Sunday morning:
Around 10:00 arrival of the project owners to start setup.

- Gori distributes the portos. Gori is doing coordination and general
badgering throughout the event.

 -Peterc and Marco - setup of the science demo table. They will need help
to set up the party tent next to the sparkshack

-Trashman and Gabor set up their workshop in the Canteen

- $someone sets up snacks table in the canteen

- $someone sets up the games in the lounge

- Benadski sets up the bibberspiraal in the klusbunker

- Carola and Gori set up dissasembly and LED flowers in klusbunker

- Gert sets up the water rockets

- Crash and radioguys set up the radioshack and fox hunt

around 12:00 quick joint lunch, group hug and we are off ;)

After 17:00
- Order pizza, chill out, relax and enjoy the quiet.
- Clean up the space.

For everyone who is doing a workshop :
- We dont have specific time slots planned. If you want to do specific
activities at specific times, let me know, so that i can put them in the
- Make sure you take breaks when you are tired. Set up a piece of paper
stating when you will resume the activity on your table.
- Make sure you have fun!
- Thank you for all the effort so far!


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