[Revspace] SHA Badge: THANK YOU! 2600 badges ready!

Sebastian Oort bas at knutselaar.net
Sat Jul 29 23:26:37 CEST 2017

Hi everyone, just a quick one to thank everyone who helped us out today!
You were a lifesaver during a big crisis.

We had two awesome crews today, one prepping boards, flashing and packaging
and another group of hardcore miniature workers did hundreds of tiny board

In total we prepared 1000 badges, so 2600 badges are ready to go. All the
other boards (about 2000 of them) are categorised and labeled what needs to
be done.

After that enormous effort, we also cleaned up Revspace to the best of our
abilities and packed up everything Badge for shipment to the field.

Tuesday or wednesday everything will move to the field where we will hunt
for more volunteers to help modify the final 1000~1500 badges. Everyone
will get a badge, but we will need help to do it.

The past few weekends (and wednesday evening) at Revspace were amazing.
Words cannot describe the intensity, the love and the hard work we all did.
We've seen 30 to 40 different faces with many repeating visitors. Our
sweatshops total about 450 workhours. . So in 3 days and 2 evenings we did
enough work to eleven weeks. Insane. Thanks!

The SHA Badge is a labour of love. Soon we can all enjoy it. See you at
camp at the Badge Bar or elsewhere!

Sebastius (and the rest of team Badge)

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